March 20, 2018
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Hi everyone!

After a lot of work and time spent on the PTC sites – Neobux, ClixSense and BuxP and not so much revenue made, I decided to stop using them. It’s just not worth it.

Maybe the only one, which is good is ClixSense. I’m not saying you can’t earn good money with it, but you have to spend a lot of time and efforts to do so. Sorry if I have mislead anyone, I also thought it was an easy way to earn, but it’s not.

For Neobux I can only say that I think they scam people with the rented referrals. You can only count on your direct referrals! They say the rented referrals are real people, but why would a real person click on only 1 ad this day, the next day click on 2 ads, the next – 1 ad, and so on. There are 4 ads to click for the normal users. Why the hell would he click on only one… I don’t get it. So I think the rented referrals are bots and they only consume your money, without making you any profit in the long term. Don’t look at their nice charts :)

BuxP… it’s just not so much profitable.

So I stop using PTC sites. I make much more money with the trading platforms: Plus500 (your capital may be at risk) and eToro (your capital may be at risk). Only 1 referred trader in Plus500 gets me $350, and in eToro I get 25% of the revenue of my referred traders. So there it is worth to work, while the PTC sites get you some cents…

Plus500 payment


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    January 28, 2015

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