March 20, 2018
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NeoBux is probably one of the most recognized PTC sites out there. They have a good reputation and a great referral system. You can get referrals by setting up direct links or you can rent referrals.

Advertisements are laid out very neatly so that you can see which ones are available to click on and what they are worth. When you click on an advertisement it will open another tab in your browser outside of the NeoBux page. There will be a timer that counts down and once it does you will receive credit in your NeoBux account. It’s just that easy.

There is also another incentive for clicking on the advertisements. For each one viewed you will get 3 AdPrize points. These can be used to enter a draw for 1 in 120 prizes of $0.50. It’s not a lot but the odds are definitely good for winning.

Minimum payout is $2 for your first cashout. It will then increase by $1 after each cashout you make up to $10. Once it is at $10 then that will always be your minimum payout. There are a few different methods for you to be payed. NeoBux offers payment using PayPal, Payza, or NETELLER.

How to register?

Register in Neobux by clicking on this banner:

You are now in the home page of Neobux. You should see an orange button called “Register”. Click there and you will see a registration form:

how to register in neobux

registration form of neobux

As you can see, you must enter a username, password, valid e-mail, valid PayPal/Payza e-mail and your birth year. In the field “Referrer” you should enter HellFace. Finally you must enter the characters you see in the image in the field “Verification code”.
After you have successfully filled the form, you can click on the button Continue. Now check your mailbox! You should receive a confirmation e-mail soon, with a link you must click in order to activate your NeoBux account. You can’t use NeoBux before you have clicked the link in the confirmation e-mail.

What to do next? Login.

how to login in neobux

login form of neobux

You will see a button called Login in the upper right corner. After you click it, you will see the login form of Neobux. Simply enter the username and password you have registered with, and click “Send”. Now you are logged in and you can start earning easy cash.

View ads and earn money with Neobux

you can click ads and earn money

ads available to click in neobux

You will see a button called View Advertisements in the upper part of the page. After you click it, you will see all the available ads in the moment. As you can see, there are different type of ads, you can click on – Micro Exposure, Mini Exposure, Standard Exposure, Extended Exposure and Fixed Advertisements. Each type gives you different amount of money for clicking it. You can read more about it in this HELP PAGE.


When you click an advertisement, you have to click again on the small image in the field of the advertisement in order to open it. This is for security reasons. After you click on this small image, a new page will open with the advertiser’s site. On the top of the page you will see the Neobux logo with the letter O from NeObux becoimng a load bar. You must wait for it to reach the end (it depends on the type of ad, but it varies from 5 to 30 seconds). When the O becomes green, it means that the time for viewing the ad is over, and you have earned the money for it! In the upper part of the page you will see the money you have been credited with and an orange button “Close”. You can click it, in order to close the page. Now move on to next ad!

validated ad in neobux

validated ad in neobux


Adprize in Neobux

AdPrize is a great advantage of Neobux for earning more money

For each advertisement you see, except the money, you will also get 3 AdPrize points. This means you can see another 3 advertisements, and have the chance to earn cash prizes or even Golden Membership. In the end of the list with advertisements you will see a green square saying “AdPrize” and some number. You can click on the number, and view advertisement for prizes.


Referrals are the true power of NeoBux! 
Referrals are basically users, who work for you. They are normal users and they earn money just like you – by clicking ads. But when they earn money, you earn money too! There are 2 types of referrals in Neobux – Direct and Rented.
Direct referrals are people who have registered in Neobux and entered you as their referrer (they have clicked on your referral link, banner or you have told them about the great power ot the Neobux system).
The big question is HOW DO I GET REFERRALS to work for me? It is very important to have a web page to promote your referral links and banners. See more about my offer for getting referrals HERE.
You can read more about the referrals and what you earn from them in this HELP PAGE.

Proofs for paid money from Neobux

Paypal proof of the transaction

Proof that Neobux really paid me


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    December 25, 2014

    You are right. Neobux is definitely worth trying. Although, in the beginning it may seem to be a very ineffective way to earn because of the amount you can earn every day. But the real truth is different. It all works with referrals. If you have good number of referrals you can earn more. The best thing is that you can even rent referrals on Neobux. This is an elite PTC site that will always pay you. So your investments will never be wasted.

  • Reply
    January 1, 2015

    you are right,neobux is a trusted ptc sites.when i get refer

  • Reply
    February 14, 2015

    the income was maximum when get refer. i 100% agree with you, thanks for this great article

  • Reply
    February 20, 2015

    Go to the site
    Then click on signup button which is available top of the page
    ->after login into the site you will get an ad.thier you will find a button called dashboard after ten on that..
    ->next in the site you find claims with green color button which will fetch you 0.10$ a day by clicking on them one by one.
    -> this site has great feature called 100% referal commision means if you refer a friend and if your friend click today 0.10 cents claim then you will.also get those in your wallet..
    ->so if you had 20 referals then you get 2$ a day without any work..but to recieve referal comisions you have to click daily 10 ads called surf ads which are present on the top of claims ..

    • Reply
      May 5, 2015

      Well Presentation and useful post for who want to make money online.. Neobux is king of P.T.C Sites we can earn lots of money when we get right direct referrals.. patience is the key for any business.. i do recommend this post and honestly helpful for internet money seekers..
      thanks for sharing a wonderful post Aleksandrov.. !

  • Reply
    March 11, 2015

    nice post sir thank you for sharing this post

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