February 25, 2018
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BuxP has all the standard PTC site features with a little extra. You will earn money by viewing ads or having people in your downline view ads. There are also features that you would find on GPT websites as well such as surveys and offers.
The minimum amount for payment is $7.99 which can be payed through PayPal or Payza. BuxP is another great site that’s worth checking out.

How to register in BuxP

Register in BuxP by clicking on this banner: 

You are now in the home page of BuxP. In the upper right corner of the page, you should see a button “REGISTER”. Click there and you will see a registration form:

registration form of BuxP

How to reigister in BuxP

As you can see, you must enter a username, password, valid e-mail, paypal/payza e-mail, your first and last names, birth year and country. At the end of the form you will see a test to check if you are human. Just enter the two words you see in the box and click Register
Now check your mailbox! You should receive a confirmation e-mail soon, with a link you must click in order to activate your BuxP account. You can’t use BuxP before you have clicked the link in the confirmation e-mail.

Login in BuxP

login form of BuxP

How to login in BuxP

You will see a button called Sign In in the upper right corner. After you click it (or just hover the mouse over it), you will see the login form of BuxP. Simply enter the username and password you have registered with, and the 5 digits you see in the 3-rd field, and click Login. Now you are logged in and you can start earning easy cash.

View ads in BuxP and earn money

earn money with BuxP options

Click on the button Earn Money and you will see all opitons

You will see a button called Earn Money in the upper left part of the page. After you hover the mouse over it, you will see all your options for earning money on BuxP. You can choose from Browse Ads, Browse Videos, Browse Offers, Browse Video Offers and others.

view ads and earn money with BuxP

Available ads to click in BuxP

If you click on the button called Browse Ads, you will see all the available ads in the moment. As you can see, there are different type of ads and each type gives you different amount of money for clicking it.

Ad validation in BuxP

Enter the number you see in the picture to validate the ad

When you click an advertisement, a new page opens with the advertiser’s site. In the upper part of the page, you will see a countdown timer, which starts automatically. You must wait for it to reach zero (it depends on the type of ad, but it varies from 10 to 45 seconds). When the countdown is over, it means that the time for viewing the ad is over, and you just have to pass the human test. You will see a two digit number, and you must input the number you see in the box in the right, and then click “Verify”, in order to be credited with the money for the ad. In this particular example, you must enter 48. After you have clicked it, the ad is validated, and the money have been credited to your account. Now move on to next ad!

validated ad in BuxP

Validated ad in BuxP

Browse videos in YouTube and Vimeo and earn money


If you click on the button called Browse Videos, you will see all the available videos in the moment.


When you click a video, a new popup window will show. You must click the button “Click here to view the video”, and the actual video will load in a new window. YOU MUST NOT CLOSE THE POPUP. There is the bar timer, counting the time you must watch the video, in order to get paid, so do not close it!!! 


Wait for the timer to load completely and then you will see a button “Click here to get credited”. Click it and your job is done! 



Referrals are the true power of BuxP! 
Referrals are basically users, who work for you. They are normal users and they earn money just like you – by clicking ads. But when they earn money, you earn money too!
Referrals are people who have registered in BuxP and entered you as their referrer (they have clicked on your referral link, banner or you have told them about the great power ot the BuxP system). In BuxP you get from $0,0005 to $0,003 for each of your referrals’ clicks, if you are a Standard Member, and from $0,001 to $0,006 for each of your referrals’ clicks, if you have Premium Membership.
The big question is HOW DO I GET REFERRALS to work for me? It is very important to have a web page to promote your referral links and banners. See more about my offer for getting referrals HERE.
You can read more about the referrals and what you earn from them in this HELP PAGE.

Proofs for payment from BuxP

proof for payment from BuxP

Proof that BuxP really pay their users


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    September 22, 2014

    I too use BuxP and think it is one of the best paid to click site on the net.

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