February 25, 2018
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What is PTC?

PTC stands for paid to click. Advertisers want to reach out their consumers. PTC sites is one of the way they can reach their consumers through. People will come to know them through their ads. So ptc sites work as a middle man between the advertisers and the consumers.

Advertisers pays the ptc sites for advertising their ads and some parts of the money ptc sites pay its members for viewing their ads. That is how ptc works between advertisers and consumers. PTC sites is a good means for the advertisers to get traffic to their websites.

As a member of these sites you will click the ads everyday to earn money. When you click a particular ad, another web page will be opened, and you have to view 3 / 5 / 10 / 30 / 45 seconds until money will be credited to your account.

Which sites are legit?

As you surf the Internet and search for ptc sites and other ways for earning money from home, you will come across a lot of scam sites. They will use your labour for viewing ads, report that you have earned some money from it, but when you want to cash out, sadly you will receive nothing. Your tries to contact someone from these sites will not help you either.

So how do you know which sites are legit and which are scam? It is simple – RESEARCH! Check every site you come across in the internet for a review. If something is a scam, be sure that someone has already complained about it in his blog or in a forum.

A quick way to recognize the scam sites is if they offer you a lot of money. Every site which offers you something more than $0.05 per click, it is surely a scam! Noone gives so much money. There are a lot of sites that promise you $1, $5 and even $8 per click, but better do not go there. You will click ads for nothing.

The sites that I am offering you are trusted and legit, you can check reviews for each one of them on the internet – NeoBux, ClixSense, Buxp and RefBan. You can check my detailed guides on how to earn money with each one of these systems.

How much money can i make from PTC?

It depends on the site, but usually it is between $0.001 and $0.02 per ad click. However, these will not be your essential earnings!

The BIG MONEY you earn from your referrals. The more you have, the more you earn. Again, each site gives different rates about the earnings from referrals. Some give 100% of their earnings, some a smaller amount, some prices are fixed (for example $0.001 per referral click). But with 100 referrals you can earn several hundred dollars per month. And remember – the more you have, the more you earn!

So maybe you will ask yourself – if I have enough referrals, why should I keep clicking on the ads for some cents, when the referrals make me hundreds of dollars? Well, it’s simple – the sites want you to be active. In some of the sites they will delete your profile after a certain amount of time of inactivity (you should check that in their terms of use), and in neobux for example, you get money from your referrals for the previous day, only if you have clicked on all your ads this day.

How do I get referrals?

There are several ways to get referrals:

  • Promote you links in forums – This is also a good method for promoting your links, but have in mind, that there is a chance to get banned in some forums for posting this links.
  • Start a blog – This is a relatively good and very effective method for getting popular. Start a blog, publish your referral links and banners there, post some useful information and you should get a lot of referrals.
  • Tell your friends – If you have a lot of friends, who would be interested in becoming your referrals, just tell them about the opportunities of the PTC sites and your earnings will increase.
  • DO NOT SPAM! – Some sites may ban you and delete your account if you have earned your referrals through spam e-mail, so be careful!