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What is Paid-to-click?

Paid To Click is commonly referred to as PTC and it is another revenue stream for making money online. People will pay these PTC websites to advertise on their network and then users can sign up and get paid just by viewing these ads. Most ads that you view will only pay a small amount and the real money comes from the referrals you get to sign up under you. If you put in the time and effort to get referrals then there is some good money to be made. Read this guide on how to make money with paid to click sites to learn more.

People who sign up under you are considered to be a part of your downline. All of the good PTC websites will have several levels that can be a part of your downline. Advertising your referral links is going to grow your downline and make you a lot more money than if you just tried clicking on advertisements yourself.

The way a PTC site works is they serve up a page of ads for you to click on. Once you click an ad there will be a timer that counts down and after that happens your account will get credited with some money. It’s very simple and can be added to your daily routine of filling out paid surveys.

How much can I earn?

PTC programs are NOT a get rich quick scheme or program. Remember, you are going to earn a few cents per click.

Any program that is promising you anything over 0.05 cents, $1 or more per click or e-mail is a scam.

The strategy to making money with these sites is to join multiple programs and to earn a little bit from each of them each day. I would recommend you 6 programs that are trusted and really pay their users, so you can earn money from all of them. It is easy work to do but it does take some time.

  • You click on 10 PTC links in a day at $0.01 per click = $0.10 in earnings
  • You have 30 referrals that click the same links = $3.00 in earnings
  • Total per day for that program = $3.10
  • You repeat this with 6 PTC/PTR programs = $18.60 per day
  • Approximately $560.00 per month
  • Approximately $6,720 per year

This is just an example and is not hard work, but then again, it’s not as easy as it sounds. It will require a little work but 30 referrals are not hard to get. Imagine what you could do with 100 referrals and more! Your referrals will come and go and you will need to continue to generate more in order to maintain your levels. But, if you can generate more referrals in all of the programs, then you can see your earnings grow even more.

Also this is just an example of the earnings from clicking ads, but as you will see on the sites, there are a lot of other opportunities - complete offers, surveys, view videos and many others.

How do I get referrals?

One way is to rent referrals for a certain period of time, but this of course costs money. Every PTC site has different rates, which you can view at the particular site.

A better way, also a FREE one, is to promote your referral link on different websites and forums, and when other users click and register through your link, they will work for you, and you will be making more and more money.

However the best approach would be if you could combine the promotion of your referral link with a simple web page, containing a brief information about the PTC sites + referral links and banners. READ MORE HERE ON HOW TO GET MORE REFERRALS

Which sites should I use?

There are many many PTC sites, which offer you money in exchange of clicking ads. However a lot of them are scams and do not pay their users, others just do not offer good money for your work and you may click a lot, but do not earn anything in the end.

If you have a site, on which you can display banners, you must try this:

If you want to trade online, you must use this:

  • Plus500 (* Your capital may be at risk)

Personally I recommend 6 sites, which are trusted and pay well: